About Us

Surgical Industry of Pakistan holds a history of more than 100 years, when some British doctors got their surgical instruments repaired from the skilled workers of Sialkot and that was the foundation of Sialkot Surgical Industry.

Blunt Edge Surgical Technology was founded by Ch. Muhammad Tufail & Ch. Munir. Since then company has grown many folds. Under the leadership of its current Directors Ch.Sami Ullah and Ch. Irfan, Bulnt Edge has established itself as a very dynamic corporation. The journey from the start to where it is today has been a dream for the family and it is a cherished souvenir of this continued journey. We are manufacturing a broad range of products made from premium quality materials. Continuous evolution of our manufacturing practices guarantees our product’s compliance and acceptance to international standards..


Blunt Edge Surgical Technology | BEST |, is the leading manufacturer of finest quality surgical instruments in Pakistan. We ship our instruments to worldwide customers inclusive UK, USA and Germany.

The mix of traditional skills and modern day knowledge of our engineers enable us to manufacture surgical instruments that set a class apart, tailored to meet the changing demands of modern surgery. We offer prompt and dedicated services to customers, emphasizing on quality and cost-effectiveness in order to deliver products on budget and in time. Our commitment to quality is fulfilled based on continuous monitoring at every stage of the manufacturing process, which has placed us at par with international standards.

Our philosophy is to give professional assistance to our customers they might need.

We, at Blunt Edge Surgical Technology, believe a highly skilled staff builds trust in a company. With a constant and steady growth the company now has a workforce consisting of 50 employees and 7 contractors.

Quality Management

Quality Management is a backbone of great customer service and an excellent product. At Blunt Edge Surgical Technology we have an established quality management system. Blunt Edge is manufacturing its products as per ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 standards. QA has certified the manufacturing practices of our company. Annual audits are conducted to ensure continuous improvement and adherence to international standards and requirements. Blunt Edge is FDA registered and also fulfils the requirements of CE mark. The Dental instruments and Surgical instruments ENT instruments , Veterinary Instruments manufactured in our facility in Sialkot have several satisfied customers across the world and it is the key to our future growth.




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